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Chuck Dodd’s Guide to Traveling the Applegate-Lassen Trail

Chuck Dodd’s Guide to Getting Around in the Black Rock Desert and High Rock Canyon

Not Half the Trubles: A Letter from Virginia Reed, May 16, 1847

Moses Schallenberger: At Truckey’s Lake, 1844-1845

Essential Aides for Understanding the Donner Party Histories

Trail Sleuthing ...
Finding the Trail Where the Emigrants Themselves Said it Was

California Trail: Voyage of Discovery


Applegate-Lassen Trail Tour BookChuck Dodd’s Guide to Traveling the Applegate-Lassen Trail

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Remember: Stafford Hazelett provided some important information on the "Way Bill" included in Chuck's Guide to Traveling the Applegate-Lassen Trail. Check it out.


What is Chuck doing in 2014?

He's busy working on a new project: The Bruff Project. Check it out.




Chuck has "retired" from his many years of leading tours on the Applegate-Lassen Trail through northwestern Nevada and northeastern California. However, he might be persuaded to get out there again if very special conditions arose. More importantly, he is trying to get some of the people who have assisted him on tours over the years to do their own version of the tour.

For information about the tour he led, see the "Emigrant Experience Tours" web page.