Help Getting Started with the Supplemental CD for Chuck's Guide to Following the Applegate-Lassen Trail

To open the “StartHere.html” file on the CD:

  1. Put the CD in the CD or CD/DVD tray of your computer and close the tray.

The CD does not have an "auto-start" file, so nothing on the CD itself starts automatically when you put the CD in your computer. However, on some computers, Windows Explorer (PC users) or the Finder (Mac users) will start when you insert the CD.

  1. If Windows Explorer (PC users) or the Finder (Mac users) does not start automatically, start it yourself. (If you need, check your operating system’s manual or help file for information about Windows Explorer or the Finder.)
  2. Navigate to the CD or CD/DVD drive folder, to display a list of the files on the CD.
  3. Double-click on “StartHere.html”.

The first page of the information on the CD will open in your browser. Follow the links just like you would if you were surfing the Internet.

Have fun — Chuck.