How To Buy

Where's the shopping cart?

We don't sell enough to justify the expense and effort required for a shopping cart, with the attendant security, credit card processing and the like. Besides, credit cards cost, and that cost would get passed on to you in some way or another. So, sorry, but no shopping cart here.

To buy books, just fill out the order form, print a copy, write a check to cover the cost, and mail the order form and the check (by the good old U.S. mail) to the mailing address indicated on the order form.

If you have ordered from us before, we will also accept orders via e-mail although we admit that the only advantage to ordering by e-mail is that we (usually) can respond quicker. To order by e-mail, just send us an e-mail indicating what you want, then follow follow up with an order form and a check. And let us know where to ship it.

Order by e-mail.

The shipping and handling cost is automatically added by our order form. We try to keep shipping and handling costs down to the "break even" point, where we neither lose nor make money from shipping and handling. Right now the break even point is $5.50 per order. (We still lose a bit when orders include both the guide to Getting Around in the Black Rock Desert and High Rock Canyon and the guide to Traveling the Applegate-Lassen Trail, but we won't worry about that.)

Important! Orders will be filled as soon as possible. However, there are often delays when Chuck is running around out in the desert. Chuck is frequently out on the desert or somewhere else where he cannot conveniently check his P.O. box. When you mail an order, please also send an e-mail to alert us. Chuck can almost always read his e-mail. e-mail alert.

Your order is greatly appreciated, and you have helped keep Chuck off the streets.

Thanks — have fun.