Chuck Dodd's Guide to

Traveling the Applegate-Lassen Trail

Applegate-Lassen Tour Guide Front CoverChuck Dodd has been leading tours along the Applegate-Lassen Trail, across the Black Rock Desert and through the High Rock Canyon in northwestern Nevada, and on to Goose Lake in northeastern California, since 1995. And he has been getting better at it every time he did it.

For information about Chuck’s “Emigrant Experience” tours on the Applegate-Lassen Trail, Click Here.

Now, Chuck describes how you can do the tour for yourself, in a conveniently sized booklet with the following:

And, on a CD included with the guide:

To facilitate its use, the guide is wire bound so you can open it flat.

Chuck Dodd's Guide to Traveling the Applegate-Lassen Trail. Charles H. Dodd. 19th Century Publications, 2009. 5½ by 8½ inches. 224 pages, with a Supplemental CD. $22.95.

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